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February 07, 2005


David Foster

I would strongly support your suggestion about working in sales....experience in this area tends to give people both added maturity and added credibility. And the range of personality types that can succeed in sales is much broader than often assumed.

Also, a company that is in multiple lines of business, with multiple profit centers, will generally be better for career development than a single-market/single-product company.

Product marketing/product management jobs can represent good career steps for those interested in P&L jobs, because they involve comprehensive responsibility for a product (even if the authority is not completely there and the P&L measurement is missing or loose) often at a relatively young age.


I agree on sales. Like it or not it is a skill you have to learn, and great experience. But I would also add that most good people eventually rise to the top no matter what path they take. Some sooner, some later, but eventually good talent is always recognized.


Hi i would like to know more about ur perception of IB people. I am planning to go into IB , But 5-7 years down the line i would like to be Venture capitalist.I believe the line will be able to give me a better understanding of more companies from different backgrounds. Also working in the primary market will give me more info on heavy topics like M&a, Company valuations, Tips & tricksetc. Hope you reply

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