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February 05, 2005


David Foster

I've seen companies where the only completely sane individual in the entire corporation, as far as I could tell, was the CEO's executive assistant.

I think it was not well appreciated how much "secretaries" contributed to the smooth running of many organizations, and the great reduction in the numbers of these jobs has added to unnecessary organizational chaos.

In the specific case: the compensation received by Grasso and his exec assistant would be one thing in a a normal, competitive business, but I'm not sure the NYSE falls into that category.

Michael Street

Why is everyone shying away from the obvious? When a beatiful woman is serving your Japanese business partner tea with a big smile, you just made and extra few million upon closing the deal. Preferrably, this woman has a title like "JD," so that you can hide the truth - old rich men like to have young pretty women in bed and since they're so old, uncool, and out of touch with reality, the only way to get what they want is to pay for it. The other employees simply don't have what it takes to be that valuable to the boss. Capitalism.

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