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February 02, 2005


Stuart Berman

Welcome! Good to have a perspective that will probably be unusual given the average demographics.

James C. Hess

Thank you for the invite. I will.

Stuart Berman

I hope you haven't given up on your blogging experiment - it has taken me over nine months to get a feel for blogging and as I discovered the effort is not inconsequential.

One thing that continues to seem like a great opportunity is to create blogs within a corporation that serves as a way to adapt to the new ways that we are expected to work: (given a company that wants to evolve)
As a way to foster natural leadership within the ranks and break down the formal hierarchies that defined 'the leadership'.
As a way to create feedback mechanisms to alost any component of the business.
As a way to bond people into a team in a world that seems to be intent upon weakening those bonds.

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